Rayne Clinical Nurtrition
Natural Whole Food Pet Nutrition

Conventional pet food plants are designed to make conventional diets. Producing diets with whole food ingredients required an entirely new process and approach, and Rayne set out to do just that with the guidance of the top minds across multiple veterinary specialties.

Rayne’s co-founders worked with PhD nutritionists, veterinary specialists, and veterinarians to formulate the diets. To account for the natural variability of fresh, whole food ingredients, they instituted additional testing to ensure a consistent finished product. As the Rayne diets evolved, they established a strict “fixed formula” policy, meaning the common industry practice of adjusting levels of ingredients based on cost would never happen with Rayne products. In every decision, John and Dan have been and continue to be guided by veterinary experts to make the best decisions for pets and their health.

Rayne conducts all activities based on a set of three principles: Quality, Dedication, and Transparency. We produce products of uncompromising quality and safety, are 100% dedicated to our partnership with the veterinary community, and operate with integrity and transparency in every interaction.

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