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Therapeutic diets are intended for specific medical conditions. They may be used for long term feeding with the guidance of your veterinarian.

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Adult Health RSS Feline - 12x100g

A maintenance diet with ingredients also selected to support urinary health.

Price: $24.19
Feline Growth / Sensitive - GI -12x100g

For kitten growth, gastrointestinal health and adult maintenance.

Price: $24.19
Feline Growth / Sensitive GI - 3kg

Feline growth and food responsive gastroenteritis.

Price: $35.59
Feline Kangaroo Diag -12x100g

Limited ingredient diet for diagnosis of adverse food reactions.  intended for short term feeding only.

Price: $20.16
Feline Kangaroo Maint (Novel Protein - KGR) -12x100g

Maintenance diet for adverse food reactions.

Price: $21.50
Feline Rabbit Diag -24x155g

Limited ingredient diagnostic diet, intended for a food elimination trial.

Price: $48.38
Feline Rabbit Maint - 3kg

Maintenance diet beneficial for otherwise healthy adult cats with diet-responsive skin or intestinal sensitivities.

Price: $47.22
Feline Rabbit Maint -24x155g

Limited ingredient maintenance diet for cats with adverse food reactions.

Price: $48.38