Rayne Clinical Nurtrition
Natural Whole Food Pet Nutrition

Rayne is a diverse group of pet food professionals who have combined their expertise to develop an entirely new approach to feeding sick or at-risk animals. We are dedicated to producing the best therapeutic diets available anywhere – and to provide a true, healthy alternative to traditional prescription diets.

Our approach is straightforward and based on accepted science and veterinary practices of the last 50 years. Using only fresh, whole ingredients and gentle, nutritionally beneficial processing technology, we feel provide the animal patients with a far better therapeutic alternative – when they need it most.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions about our foods please feel free to contact us:
- email us at info@raynenutrition.com
- send postal mail to Rayne Clinical Nutrition, PO Box 481813, KC MO 64148
- call toll free 877-698-3823 (if we're not available, please leave a message)