About the Diets

The Rayne approach can probably best be described as “back to basics”, utilizing established science and methods, combined with whole ingredients and gentle processing to retain the optimum nutritional value. Essentially, we are a professional kitchen which produces whole therapeutic diets similar to “home-made”.

Our formulas are based on nutritional science developed and accepted over the last 50 years. Where we differ greatly from industrial food production is in the ingredients and how they are processed: whole fresh ingredients: proteins and carbohydrates are whole, not fractured, eg whole eggs – not ‘dried egg product’,

Most veterinary practices carry several lines of prescribed foods, providing only a choice between different brands of canned or kibble products. Rayne’s approach is an effective departure from conventional food, providing veterinarians and their clients with a true healthy alternative.

Our approach is straightforward and based on accepted science and veterinary practices of the last 50 years. Using only fresh, whole ingredients and gentle, nutritionally beneficial processing technology, we feel provide the animal patients with a far better therapeutic alternative – when they need it most.

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